Work in progress!

15 Mar

Attention everyone! Soon in a street/parc/elevator near you, there will be photos, there will be videos, it will move, it will sing. Ok no, it won’t sing! although…

It’s no use asking, we won’t give it away! First see if you can guess what the F.A.C.E girls have planned based on their sketches and their activity guides…


The point of the girls’ media work will be to  «enter their universe ». To immerse oneself in their vision of Montreal, to let them voice their concerns. They’ll illustrate their fears, what makes them happy, what makes Montreal a place they feel comfortable in, or not.

We talked about the environment, about inclusion, about fears, about lighting.

What is really motivating at this point is to see how participants have really taken ownership of My City, My Safety!, and are taking charge in terms of creativity and putting forth their vision… Now, we can really speak of a project led by youth.


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