SUPER-Fete for the closing of My City, My Safety!

15 Mai

Poster Super-Fête
 Super-Fête Poster

On may 10th 2013, we celebrated the end of My City, My Safety! at the Studio No Bad Sound. We celebrated two years filled with activities (over 50 activities!), emotions (non quantifiable) and many memorable moments (please see previous posts for memorable moments!)

Studio No Bad Sound
Studio No Bad Sound

The youths came to the studio where we were waiting for them with a big graffiti cloth and a lot of paint\stencils\glitter (!) for them to let their imaginations run wild once more.

Toile à graffitis
The graffiti cloth

We took the opportunity to reflect on these past two years with participants, but mostly, we laughed a lot and had a great time. We were also really happy and proud to present the project’s final publication (available in both French and English very soon on the WICI website,, and the youths were able to share amongst each other their experiences and initiatives, whether it was the Nomad Box (also present on this day), the « Why Women? » magazine, or the Flashmob (soon to be available on video).

We were also fortunate to witness a live performance from Montreal electro-pop artist Zoe K., a F.A.C.E alumni.

Zoe K.
Zoe K.

As well as an impressive and energizing performance by a group of dancers from the Maison des Jeunes Côtes des Neiges which made all of us really want to jump 😉

Le groupe de danseuses
The dansers

But most of all, it’s not easy describing on this blog the extent to which this experience has affected us at WICI (and I hope, the youths with whom we worked for these two years). This evening gave us a chance to say « see you soon », and most importantly, to thank these amazing teens for all that they taught us. We really hope that their participation in this project will have inspired them to continue engaging with their communities, to take their rightful place as young leaders, to express themselves loud and clear when something is important to them, and to use all their creativity when lobbying for social justice in the future.




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