Women in Cities International (WICI) has received funding from Status of Women Canada to conduct a pilot project on the theme “preventing violence against women and girls and improving their security in Canadian cities”. We have decided to conduct the project within the greater Montréal area, with girls and boys aged 13-17 who will take part in workshops, focus group discussions and training sessions. Participants will learn how to conduct women’s safety audit walks and they will have the opportunity to creatively illustrate their findings and recommendations to make Montreal a safer, more inclusive cities for girls, women, and everyone, by making their own media product.

This youth-led project represents a big step towards engaging both sexes in the safe cities for women and girls movement. For WICI, this is an occasion to apply its extensive international experience in building safer and more inclusive cities in Montreal, the city where it is based. By participating in these projects, girls and boys will take part in this exciting global movement, which aims to ensure that everybody’s voice, including members of society who are typically excluded from decision making, is heard and taken into account in the development of cities.

For more information on Women in Cities International, please visit the web site.



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