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Filming a Love Letter

6 Fév

Our fifth workshop at F.A.C.E was reminiscent of a Canadian Idol episode… Minus the bad songs and all the drama !

To celebrate our participation in the National Day of Action of the Girls’ Action Foundation, we made a vox pop video. On February 14th, instead of celebrating Valentine’s Day (who wants any more annoying bouquets anyway ?), we’ll celebrate the young Canadian women who are engaged in initiatives to change the world, no less !

Thanks to the support of the Girls Action Foundation, My City, My Safety ! Participants will have a very busy Valentine’s day.

But let’s not ruin the surprise, and return to our fifth workshop. Indeed, we are participating in a collective Love Letter to celebrate our young Canadian activists. The love letter will be broadcasted on the National Day of Action by the foundation. So be on the lookout for our video soon enough, also on this blog….

The artist Fanie St-Michel, founder of Conscience urbaine, came to F.A.C.E on February 1st to help us make our clip.

Fanie St-Michel at work

After a quick brainstorming session, each girl chose one word to describe why she is participating in My City, My Safety ! We summoned their creative spirit (and amazing drawing skills !) to represent their word on individual pannels. Fanie then staged everything, and let the girls express themselves before the camera.

the Making Of !

We are very excited to broadcast this wonderful message to other inspiring young women who are truly Canada’s future…

Some of the creative props...